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Felicia Dilbert is an award-winning thought leader, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur. She penned two groundbreaking best-sellers in the wake of the global pandemic entitled Beautiful Healing, Volume 1-Seven Love Letters for the Truth Seekers Soul, and The Beautiful Healing Journal. She teaches women how to discover their path of Beautiful Healing. Her motto is: Healing evolves over life, not over night. 


Felicia Dilbert
Beautiful Healing 


I found myself in the pages of Beautiful Healing. -Tiffany J.


Felicia Dilbert is a beautiful young woman, brilliant writer, and speaker who is using her talents and abilities to influence the lives of the next generation. She is passionate about empowering young women to live the best life possible. Felicia made a lasting impact on the residents of Mercy Multiplied (formerly Mercy Ministries) when she spoke about the power of positive choice.  She is a class act! 

Nancy Alcorn
Founder of Mercy Multiplied


Mrs. Felicia Dilbert was my life coach at Florida State University. Beaming, considerate and positive are three words that describe her well. She possesses strong, active listening skills and connectivity and articulates the power of coaching thoroughly. I’m very shy and don’t open up to people well. Felicia’s voice and style put me at ease easily, and I opened up immediately. I suffered from awful anxiety, low self-esteem, and major fear. I love how Felicia linked arms with me and ushered me into a fresh thinking pattern. After thinking about it for what seemed like forever, I mustered up the courage to take action, and I learned to love myself. Felicia provided the encouragement I needed at such a crucial time in my life. I love Felicia!

Ranya A.



I wish this book would have been around when I was in college. I needed this wisdom. -Andrea S.


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