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Felicia Dilbert
Creativity Coach & Founder, 
Beautiful Healing 

Felicia Dilbert is an award-winning thought leader, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur. She penned two groundbreaking best-sellers in the wake of the global pandemic: Beautiful Healing, Volume 1-Seven Love Letters for the Truth Seekers Soul, and The Beautiful Healing Journal. She teaches women how to discover their path of Beautiful Healing.

Her motto is: Healing evolves over life, not overnight. 


I found myself in the pages of Beautiful Healing.

Tiffany J.






Felicia Dilbert is one of the most thoughtful and empathetic women I have come into contact with. Felicia not only has the skills and tools to empower and impact, but she also has a true gift — an ability to sense, grasp, and understand one's path in life. She has been there for me through times of struggle and through times of celebration. She has acted as a mirror for me to see my beautiful self and my true potential. I am so grateful to have met and worked with her! 

Megan S.

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