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Beautiful Healing, Vol.1 
Seven Love Letters for the Truth Seeker's Soul

Sisters, your gentle whispers of love have arrived. In "Beautiful Healing," Felicia gently leads women through their personal metamorphoses with a sisterly tenderness that gently holds space for even the most extraordinary circumstances. When you read this book, it feels like Felicia is right there with you, gently unraveling the knots of seemingly inexplicable events with you. Through the gentle journey of forgiveness and healing, embark on a voyage towards embracing life in its most radiant expression. Enjoy Beautiful Healing! 

Within the pages of Beautiful Healing, Felicia offers compassionate guidance, inviting readers to nurture presence and introspection and the power to write their own new story. 

This book extends its warm embrace to every woman who feels adrift. Felicia's hope is that each reader realizes that feeling lost does not diminish her inherent value; she remains whole despite the twists and turns of her journey. Most importantly, she is encouraged to find solace in the knowledge that the path of Beautiful Healing eagerly awaits her, beckoning her to trust God's will.

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