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About Beautiful Healing

The core mission of Beautiful Healing™ is to equip women to unlearn unworthiness as they discover their path of beautiful healing. I left my full-time job in 2019 to follow the Lord's calling, and although I didn't know where he was taking me, I learned to be comfortable with the journey and discovered just how faithful he really is. One thing I knew was that Beautiful Healing™ was meant to be more than words on a page. I began writing the love letters in 2007.


The Lord directed my path through dreams, confirmations, and favor. I kept walking through the days of my life and he shows me the way. I learned to listen to his voice exceptionally well, especially while walking in nature. The Lord told me to write it all down, and I did.


God held my hand while I stepped into entrepreneurship, and created a platform in the marketplace that tenderly ministers to his daughters. Beautiful Healing™ empowers and equips women to discover their voices, and love themselves. I love serving my sisters in Christ, and I'm honored to be an obedient vessel. 

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