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A Special Message From Felicia

healing occurs over a lifetime, let's do it together!

Dear Sis, 

                     I'm really happy to introduce you to Beautiful Healing™. It is my heart's desire that you feel right at home and stop by often. Consider this safe space as a haven of healing away from the busy world we live in.


The good Lord has taught me many lessons and I'm honored to share what I have learned. Lessons designed to embrace, empower, and equip you to discover your unique path. I wandered and wondered about my direction for years.


Alas, I have good news for you! I found my way. Let me show you my directions, girl. Whether you are discovering your path for the first time or perhaps rediscovering your path; I'm here for you. I got your back, and you've got this, sis. Here's to healing!

I got your back, 
Lee Felicia Dilbert

          I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
                                                  -Phil 4:13 
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