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Embracing hope

My first day working at the Florida State University Life Coaching Center was in June of 2017. When I entered the William Johnston Building, I stepped into a whole new world. I had been intrigued about this role of "Life Coaching" from the very first time I learned about it. I never imagined that this role would serve such a dynamic purpose in my life, though. It was an upbeat environment that fostered creativity and self-reliance. Finally, I had found a role aligned with my heart for service, empowerment, and God-given strengths.

One morning, a student by the name of Jordan approached me and shared she was terrified of being at Florida State University. "I drove here from Delaware. I cried the entire time." I felt compassion for her. I thought back on how nervous I was at my first orientation in college. Life coaching promised a glimmer of hope for Jordan. I scheduled her appointment for the following week. During our first appointment, Jordan shared that she had lost her mother at age 11 to suicide, had experienced feelings of guilt about her mother's death, and suffered from anxiety. I began to pray for this young woman silently. I didn't have the words to comfort her. "Help me, Jesus," was my prayer. As Jordan continued to share, I thought to myself, I need to create "Beautiful Healing." I have to do it for ladies, just like Jordan.

Jordan and Pebbles

As time passed, I saw her gain inner strength. She was going to her classes, learning more about Tallahassee, and overcoming anxiety. I remember when she received Pebbles, her support dog. I don't know if Jordan realized how much she empowered me. She always encouraged me to shine brightly. She shared my love for the beach (hence my office decor), and she often reminded me to stop and smell the roses. Jordan and I kept in touch as time led us into separate directions.

Last week, Jordan signed up for the 2020/Afresh Life Coaching Package, a program I created through my business, Beautiful Healing. The pandemic is stressful, and she mentioned that she needed some support. "When I found out Felicia created Beautiful Healing, I thought to myself, "this is perfect for me. My first Beautiful Healing life coaching lesson was wonderful. Felicia has such a way with words and creating thought-provoking questions that I was able to dig deep into what's bothering me." Jordan and I both embraced hope in our lives. Are you willing to embracing faith today? It may be just what you need.

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