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Happy Mother's Day!

How do you define the word, mom? Words like strength, compassion, grace, and love come to mind when I think of moms. I encourage you to make time to show the mother's in your life some extra love this year. Hug them tighter, encourage them, and send an expression of your love. Even in the pandemic. Because mom never has a day off. If you happen to be a mother, I want you to know that I appreciate what you do. Everyday. I realize that it is not easy being a mom. To be honest, though, I really have no true idea of how mother's feel. Because I am not a mother. Now, I have Godchildren. However, I have not raised children. And I acknowledge that there is a HUGE difference. In the spirit of love, I want to gift 1 hour of virtual life coaching to any mom that expresses interest by emailing me at Felicia@BeautifulHealing.Life. I dedicate this offering in honor of my beautiful mother, who gave selflessly to so many. I love you forever, Mama.

Thank you for reading.

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