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Making Space

While cleaning my home office, I came across several notebooks and some greeting cards. As I sorted through the wicker basket, one particular journal caught my eye. It is pink with white flowers, and I remember fondly writing regularly in college. With nostalgia, I looked inside the journal. When I opened it, an envelope fell out. I picked it up. It was a birthday card from Dorothy, a good friend from college. I lit up while reading her words! As I began to move on to another task, I reflected on just how far my friendship with Dorothy had come. Then, I had an aha. I remember my mom saying something like; you know you had healed when the same thing that once bothered you happens, and it doesn't worry you anymore. Have you ever heard of this saying? Dorothy and I met in college and became instant friends. However, in 2018 we disagreed. Unfortunately, we didn't speak for three months. Thankfully, we both agreed to release blame and handle our hearts and valuable friendship with care. I am so glad that my friend and I forgave one another and have now experienced reconciliation and healing. My question for you is, what do you need to make space for in your heart? I encourage you to use the chart below to get you started. Do what you need to do to be free. Make space and move on, sis!

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