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Beautiful Healing is divided into seven love letters, all addressed “Dear Sis. These letters are for women everywhere who need help disengaging from emotional pain, destructive lifestyles, and negativity. Felicia provides practical, straight-talk tips on how to be more present and reflective and reclaim control over the mind to live a fulfilling life- a life healed through beautiful breakthroughs. “This book is for any woman who has lost her way. My prayer is that she will realize that being lost doesn’t define her; that she is not broken because she is lost; and, most importantly, that she can rest in this truth: the path of Beautiful Healing is waiting for her to carry out God’s will like only she can.” Sisters, your love letters have arrived. Felicia’s Beautiful Healing guides women through their personal life changes with a sisterly love that provides context for extraordinary situations. “We will make sense of seemingly senseless things and reflect upon what took you down those displeasing paths. Then, we pursue forgiveness and Healing to help you live your fullest life.”

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