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A Tribute

Written by Felicia Dilbert and Meleah Wallace.

R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman. Your legacy will inspire generations to come. I thank God that you fought the good fight. Everyone that met you describes you in amazing ways.

“What a man, and what an immense talent. Brother, you were one of the all-time greats”- Mark Ruffalo.

“Though our acquaintance was light you always left a lasting impression due to your energy, poise and gentle manner”- Zoe Saldana

“You were always light and love to me”-Don Cheadle

“My friend and fellow Bison Chadwick Boseman was brilliant, kind, learned, and humble”-Kamala Harris

Regarding Black Panther, Boseman said, “We knew we had something special that we wanted to give the world, that we could be full human beings in the roles that we were playing, that we could create a world that exemplified a world that we wanted to see.”(Jurgensen)

Chadwick Boseman will be remembered for his incredible talent and gifts. Not merely for the color of his skin. Rest well, sir.



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