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Felicia Dilbert is a beautiful young woman who is using her talents and abilities to influence the lives of the next generation.  She is passionate about empowering young women to live the best life possible. Felicia made a lasting impact on the residents of Mercy Multiplied (formerly Mercy Ministries) when she spoke about the power of positive choice.  She is a class act! 

Nancy Alcorn


Felicia Dilbert is one of the most thoughtful and empathetic women I have come into contact with. Felicia not only has the skills and tools to empower and impact, but she has a true gift — an ability to sense, grasp, and understand one's path in life. She has been there for me through times of struggle and through times of celebration. She has acted as a mirror for me to see my beautiful self and my true potential. I am so grateful to have met and worked with her!

Megan S. 

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Felicia has divinely taken the not so attractive healing process and turned it into a beautiful experience. She has shown me that with patience, prayer, and submitting to the healing plan that she curates for each of her clients, there is power in both the journey and the destination of becoming healed and whole. I especially appreciated the biblical references to each of my unique situations. Felicia has studied the word and is spiritually equipped to coach you to your best life in Christ.

Antionette  M.


 Felicia’s ability to actively listen, make sense out of what felt like emotional chaos in my life, and provide instant clarity was truly gratifying.  I was immediately able to refocus my energy in a meaningful way. I achieved peace and confidence at the Ms. Black USA National Pageant and received the People’s Choice Award!

Tamara S.


I’ve had the pleasure of styling and getting to know Felicia for a little bit now. Every time I have interacted with her has always been bright and wonderful. Felicia’s presence alone is enough to make people smile! 

Yushra A.


Mrs. Felicia Dilbert was my life coach at Florida State University. Beaming, considerate and positive are three words that describe her well. She possesses strong active listening skills, connectivity and articulates the power of coaching thoroughly. I’m very shy and don’t open up to people well. Felicia’s voice and style put me at ease easily and I opened up immediately. I suffered from awful anxiety, low self-esteem, and major fear. I love how Felicia linked arms with me and ushered me into a fresh thinking pattern. After thinking about it for what seemed like forever; I mustered up the courage to take action and I learned to love myself. Felicia provided the encouragement I needed at such a crucial time in my life. I love Felicia!

Ranya A.


Having Felicia as my life coach when I first got to college was a huge weight off my shoulders. She made me feel welcomed and helped me through anything I wanted to talk about no matter how insignificant it may have seemed.

Alison M.


Felicia's testimony spoke to me, and I felt like she could relate to what I was going through and trying to resolve. She is a kind and gentle soul. She allows you to be comfortable and

open up about your concerns in a non-judgmental space. I am now able to clearly

see the steps towards inner peace and establishing relationship boundaries due to receiving life coaching from Felicia. Beautiful Healing is a gift. Be prepared to experience a new, positive relationship with Felicia and to blossom.

Christina B.


Being apart of "Beautiful Healing" has really allowed me to gain strength within myself that I believed no longer existed. I've stepped out of my comfort zone tremendously. I've been strong enough to smile.


My faith has grown so much in God! I now know and understand that it's perfectly okay to go through things and overcome them. However, in order to fully do that, I had to be willing to trust the process forgive and love myself without worrying about guilt, shame, judgment, and most of all I had to stop trying to be perfection and just be human. 


Beautiful Healing Life Coaching was life-changing for me. After the program, I knew my life's purpose, and I had a plan to achieve my goals. I highly recommend Felicia Dilbert.

Roshanda W.

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