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Post 4/4

A week after mom and I arrived in Tallahassee, I received 4 boxes from Nashville from UPS. The return label was from Mercy Ministries. Low and behold, @NancyAlcorn sent mom and me, 10 copies of each one of the books she had written (thus far at that time). Her note said, "Give these books to the women that need them." It has been such a joy having those books to give away throughout all these years. To this day, that sweet day I visited Mercy Ministries with my mama, surrounded by those beautiful graduates, and meeting Nancy Alcorn.....remains one of the best days of my life on earth.

Over the past 14 years, I put together many clues the Lord sent me from dreams, divine appointments, and heavenly downloads. I realized in 2016 that I had been given the blueprint to began Beautiful Healing Ministries. In 2017, I started writing more and more and thought nothing of it. After losing my mama on 4/25/2017, I figured I was just writing to heal or something like that. But the Lord had something else in mind. I was writing a series of books. The first one would be named, "Beautiful Healing Volume 1, Seven Love Letters for the Truth Seeker's Soul.

I sketched this one morning. The Lord tends to send me downloads in the mornings, lol. I knew the cover would look sorta like this. Well, the good Lord keeps his promises, doesn't he? I met an amazing young woman in 2020. She took this sketch and created this:

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In October of 2020, I was interviewed by 3 board members for the Executive Director role of Wisdom’s Wellspring, a faith-based not-for-profit ministry located in Tallahassee, Fl. This organization provides housing, food, and forward-thinking programming for homeless women seeking restoration. The Founder and former executive director’s name is Reverend Alyce Parmer.

Before the interview ended, I was asked why they should hire me. I immediately shared the testimony of how the good Lord took me on an adventure of a lifetime to speak at the Mercy Ministries Headquarters home in Nashville, Tennessee. And how the seed was planted in 2002. And now it was my time to stand tall on all the wisdom I have received. To see the women as I was seen. The next thing that happened gave me goosebumps. One of the board members said, “Would you believe that I thought about that ministry this morning? I met Nancy Alcorn 20 years ago. I thought about her and her ministry today. My thought was, “If we could hire a woman that has experienced Mercy Ministries in any capacity we would be so very blessed! Mercy is a special place.” I was offered the job the next day.

I asked for a few days to pray about this decision. Would I have enough time for this? Yes. Could I do this? Yes. The position is flexible and just right for me. The board of directors is so encouraging and see the light shine the Lord embedded in me for Beautiful Healing! And they encourage that light. Not dim it. Hallelujah!!! I’ve learned that God's best opportunities do not require one to wilt or shrink. When I accepted the position, I realized that I am the first African American Executive Director for Wisdom's Wellspring. Isn't it fitting how the Lord works things out? Isn't awesome how he makes all things beautiful?

Last Thursday, I participated in a 3-day training led by the Staff at Mercy Multiplied (formerly Mercy Ministries. Same ministry just different name). Here I am 14 years later. Experiencing those miracles Nancy told me to document. @NancyAlcorn Sister, I’ve written those miracles down. God bless you and your heart for helping women. Thank you for paving the way. I'm found my path and I embrace it every day.

Now I want to give my books away to women in need :) Wanna know more? Email me at Felicia@BeautifulHealing.Life for more information.

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