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Stepping Forward

In the Fall of 2016, I purchased a ticket to an awesome church conference in Jacksonville. The night before the conference, I decided to give the ticket away as I had changed my mind about attending. Life had changed since I purchased that ticket, and I needed to be there for my Mama more than ever. Interestingly enough, she knew that I had planned to go months prior. Valorie Burton, author, and life strategist, was the main speaker at the conference. I initially met her at FAMU in Tallahassee in 2005, when I decided to go check out her inspirational talk on an approved extended lunch break. By then, I had read one of her books, and I was a subscriber to her email newsletter. She delivered a positive, faith-filled message that day. Mama knew how much I respected Valorie and often encouraged me to connect with her to learn more about the life coaching industry. Only with her blessing, I went to the conference.

As I entered the church doors and found a seat, I took a deep breath. I said a prayer asking the Lord to SHOW me clearly why he sent me to this conference. I needed a WORD in this season! It was no coincidence that we were re-united on September 17 at the Immovable conference. The Lord arranged this. He knew all along that my heart loves Valorie Burton. He knew that I have just about all of her books (they are so good!), I read her Facebook page all the time, and I just plain adore her authenticity. Her talk was amazing, and she spoke right to the brokenness in my heart. Revival lit up within me! She highlighted eight key rules that will help people get unstuck in situations in life. My favorite was #8. To be unstoppable, you must master THIS moment. So many times, individuals don't focus on THIS moment, and they miss what they even came for. She referenced her book, "Get Unstuck, Be Unstoppable."

After the awesome conference, I stepped out in the foyer area to take it all in. I had just witnessed Valorie Burton speak. I watched her team set up all of her books and looked on with admiration. I had always wanted to write a book. "Maybe one day," I thought. As I walked to my car, I stopped and felt a comforting breeze. Attending that conference was a huge sacrifice, and I couldn't leave yet. I felt my experience in Jacksonville wasn't finished. I felt the Holy Spirit say to me, "I am not done. Go back inside and find her. It is time to master THIS moment, Felicia". With no idea of what I was supposed to say to her, I waited in a long line to talk to Valorie Burton one more time. She greeted me with a beautiful smile. When we connected this time, words just flowed from my soul. I shared that I really admired her and that I needed help seeing my dreams actually come true. And that I feel so stuck sometimes. You see, I showed her my heart boldly. Oh, I was nervous...yet, I was sent by God, and I stood on the truth that he would not let me fall... at THAT moment. I asked for her prayers for my family. My mom had been diagnosed with cancer one month prior. I chose to attend the conference that day only because Mama encouraged me to.

Not only did Valorie pray with me, but she also shared a personal testimony about how her mother overcame a health crisis. I was so glad I trusted the Holy Spirit to go back inside of the building! Lastly, I shared that one of my dreams was to write a book. Valorie encouraged me to tell her more about it. I was so shy, but I managed to share what the Lord had revealed to me about Beautiful Healing and that I wanted to teach women about worthiness. She looked me directly in the eyes and said, "Felicia, you have gold within you - Beautiful Healing. I want to read that book! Felicia, you gotta write that book." Valorie, I wrote not one but two! Thank you for encouraging me that day!

When I first met Valorie in 2005, I was too shy to ask questions about my dreams. I managed to greet her, though, and a nice lady took this picture of us.

What have you been feeling a tug to do? How can you step forward this week?

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