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Tony's Beautiful Healing Story

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Written by Felicia Dilbert-August 24, 2021

It takes guts to tell the truth, especially when you resisted wisdom.

Today I want to share Tony's Beautiful Healing Story with you.

Tony Drinkwater (yep, that's his real last name) graciously granted me permission to share his life-changing story of healing with you. Tony has decided to be willing.

Willing to tell his true story. Ready to walk forward🚶‍♂, unapologetically. No turning back now!

Hey, I'm Tony. This is my beautiful wife, Dorrie. I'm from the 'Lil country town called Pelham. Right below Albany. I'm a cool type of guy. I like listening to the Pelham games on the radio while the sunsets. Simple stuff. I prefer a sturdy truck over a car any day. I know my music, too. Some of my favorite artists include Tyler Childers, Outkast, Pac, and Shinedown.

I also was the guy that said masks don't help, and if I get COVID-19….. I get it—no big deal.

I also said they couldn't make me take a vaccine, and there is no way they created this vaccine that quick. It can't be safe. No way!

I still feel that way for the most part.

Then I got Covid 4 weeks ago.

I fought the fever, chills, and body aches for a week at home. I figured that quarantining would do the trick. Then the cough set in on a Thursday night. By Friday morning, I could not breathe. So I went to the ER. My oxygen level was at 82. Heart racing. They drew blood and did a chest x-ray.

Then pneumonia and sepsis began to set in. I was dying. With just about every wheeze, my life flashed through my mind. I got a family. Winnie, my little girl. Would I get a chance to see her grow up? Barrett is my son. Would I survive to be there for them? For Dorrie? My eyes welled up with tears, "Imma miss 'em". Lord, please don't let Covid take me out of here. See, I knew I would go to Heaven….. if it was my time. I'm not perfect…. but I had gotten all my stuff in order with the Lord. I still didn't want to die now, though. Didn't feel ready. I got some things I still need to do on this side. I admit that this disease snuck up on me. This disease was real all along. Why didn't I wear my damn mask?

On the real, I thought I was headed out of here. My organs were right on the verge of shutting down. I had a whole conversation with the Lord. I reflected on how just days before I said masks don't help, and if I get Covid...I get it. No big deal. And now those words were haunting me. Here I was lying in the hospital, barely breathing, wondering if I would see my family again. Wondering if my eyes would even open tomorrow. Yea, I admit ….. If I knew that I would be on my death bed from Covid-19 not even a month after I denied the shot…..I would have gladly gone to get the shot. "Stick me" 💉 would be easy to say 💉 .

I was on 6 liters of oxygen for three days, then down to 4 and then 3, and then off. I received around-the-clock IV antibiotics and antiviral meds for six straight days. My body began to heal slowly.

Today my oxygen levels are still not perfect. Infections are gone. I'm still tired. And still, get winded easy.

I'm sharing my story because this disease affects everyone differently. Be careful! Do your research on the vaccine 💉 . As for me, if it will keep me from going through all this again, stick me 💉 .

This is NOT a political choice.

It's a choice to live.

Do you want to live or die?

I know my body can't go through that again.

I know my mental well-being sure can't.

I'm not saying get the shot...

I am saying use reliable sources for your research and stay safe.

I have to wait 90 days to get the shot. I'm counting down the days, too.

Need hope? Read about my testimony of overcoming extreme obstacles in my best-selling book entitled Beautiful Healing. In honor of Tony's story, 1 copy of my book+ journal is only $18 today. To order yours send $mybeautifulhealing (cash app) or @mybeautifulhealing (Venmo)

Include your address in the notes section of the app.

God bless you!

Do you have a story? Email me at Felicia@BeautifulHealing.Life and share it with me. I would love to hear it.

What do you think about Tony's story? Drop a comment below.



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